Saturday, February 21, 2009


The past few days have been so wonderful spending so much time with Joey. I think we have grown together so much more the past few weeks since we've had some real quality time with one another. He is such an amazing man, friend and child of God. We have went out shopping for a lot of our wedding items, cooked dinner, watched movies and applied for several jobs. 
While we were eating dinner tonight (February 21st) we realized that the wedding is now 4 months away. Now this opened up a wide variety of feelings for us both: Excitement, anxious, nervous, weepy, scared, joyful and can't wait to be Mr. and Mrs. There is one, rather large problem at the moment though..neither Joey or myself have a job:( This is not a good situation. We got engaged last July thinking, we'll graduate in December, set the date for June 20th and we'll have plenty of time to find a job. Well, any other year that would be the case, but not this year with the economic down fall. I hate the "E-Word!" Absolutely despise it! For people to talk about the economic down fall just makes me sick, but it's the honest truth now. Joey and I have been looking for jobs for over three months now and have found nothing. No one is hiring:(
So, this brings everything to a quick realization as to what we're going to do with the wedding four months away, and if any of you ask, the answer is:  "We have NO idea what we're going to do!"  All we can do is pray. Yes we're excited and yes we are scared out of our minds. The thought of us not being employed right now is killing us both. And the simple thought of us being somewhat financially stable by June is a very high expectation. We will ride this roller coaster out though! We are refusing to give up and be like everyone else when times get tough. We love each other so much and I think it shines through. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how much money we have, but how happy we are together. That is the truth!
This is just a trial and tribulation of our life and we believe strongly that this is a test from God. If we can withstand this together, stay strong and have faith in God; we think we'll be able to overcome anything in our marriage together. 
Regardless of the situation, we are saying our vow and WILL be husband and wife on June 21st. It may be scary, but we have faith in ourselves and that God will provide.
1 Corinthians 13:4

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