Monday, February 23, 2009

A Blessing

God works in some of the most mysterious ways!!! Joey and I have been praying about guidance and direction lately. We have known there is something God has been trying to tell us and it all came together yesterday at church. 
Joey and I go to Murfreesboro Missionary Baptist Church and have been attending regularly for at least a year. The first time I went to MMBC was for their Christmas program in 2005 and felt so welcome and wondered what God had in store for me. 
Joey and I had talked about needing a church home here in Murfreesboro, have been praying about it for a while, and it all came together at church yesterday.
Joey and I were completely focused during the entire service. The sermon was about showing your salvation, prayer life, and lastly having a church home and joining somewhere...and that's when it all came together. At the end of the sermon we had a hymn and invitation. It was all I could to to keep it together. I could feel it, I could just feel God talking to me and wanting me to join the church, but I was praying for a sign. I prayed, "God give me a sign, let me know this is what Joey wants to do to..lead, guide and direct me and him." Well, I got a sign! Joey leans over and whispers, so sternly and in tears, "I'm joining the church!" This was exactly what I needed to hear, a sign from God, and I followed right behind him. 
There was not a dry eye in that church. Everyone was so excited. Three more people joined the church yesterday too. God is so good!
So, Bro. Massey, our pastor says, "Now, I'm so proud of you two, this is a young couple, getting married in June, just a few months away, and talk about getting your home started right." "This is just amazing! I'm tickled pink!" He was so amazing and everyone was so supportive and excited that we decided to join. 
It has been on our hearts and minds a lot here lately and now we just feel a piece of mind. So relived, so happy and joyous. 
God truly blessed us yesterday. We feel that this was the first step to improve everything with our relationship with one another and with God. Continue to pray for Joey and myself as prepare for another leap of faith June 20th. This was truly an answered prayer and such a blessing for us both. We are so thankful that God put this on our hearts and we have a church home!!! We know that God will ALWAYS provide to his children.

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