Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding Showers

This past weekend Joey and I had two wedding showers!!!

Our first one was in Knoxville, hosted by my best friend from high school & one of my bridesmaids, Abby Snyder. We had around 27 guests there. It was decorated beautifully, had yummy yummy food, lots of gifts and lots of friends and family. Some friends were there that I hadn't seen in four years. It was so great.

Our second shower was in Maryville, hosted by Aunt Betty Sue. She is so crafty and had the table set-up so nice and family members were there from out of state. The thought of them driving in from North Carolina and Georgia meant so much to me. My Great Aunt, that is 87, was able to come too. It was so great to see her.

Joey and I were blessed beyond belief with the friends and family that came. Everyone was so thoughtful with their gifts, I can't believe the items we've received. It was such a wonderful weekend; truly full of family, friends and fun:)

Joey and I are extremely grateful for the continued caring thoughts, advice and prayers as we countdown the days 'til June 20, 2009!!!!!!

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